Catch up on school & homework.

Snow day homework 

When the school is closed due to severe weather, there's still plenty of work you can be doing after you've finished having fun in the snow!




WALT - Create a sculpture
WILF - I can use a range of natural materials to create a sculpture in my own environment.
- I can draw/paint/photograph my sculpture.
Activity - Build a sculpture & record this in your chosen way.  *This will lead to a writing activity on return to school. 


WALT - Write a recipe for a snowy day.
WILF - I can make a list of ingredients
- I can include thoughts & feelings for my perfect day. 


WALT - Create an ice bowl.
WILF - I can fill a bowl with water.
- I can consider materials that float & sink.
- I can use reflective & bright materials that are interesting to look at.
- I can freeze it inside or outside.
- I can record how my ice bowl looks in an interesting way (photograph, drawing, picture, collage).


Spelling - Active Spelling Games 
1. Write your spelling words in the snow.
2. Use old newspapers & magazines to cut out letters to spell your words.
3. Write a silly story using all your spelling words.


1. Practise writing number stories or times tables in the snow.
2. Bring a bowl of snow inside & time how long it takes to melt.
3. Make as many 2D & 3D shapes as you can using the snow. 


WALT - Make a word search.
WILF - I can use as many winter words as I can think of.
- I can use resources to check my winter words (parent, dictionary or internet). 


1. Time how many snowballs you can make in two minutes.
2. Make a snow angel.
3. Practise your long jumps in the snow!  See if you can beat your previous distance.